Hi There!

Being a total computer nerd, I really don’t too much about blogging.

One of my friends suggested that I start to blog and he let me use his hosting.

You see, I spend my time being a computer nerd by surfing the internet for neat things for computers.

I love computers because there are so many different things you can actually do with them.

From computer games to real job stuff, computers have kept me interested in the world since the mid 1980’s.

I remember my first young friend John having a computer that had tetris and we would just run like crazy to play it the one time during the day that his dad would let us on the computer.

Then there were things like Teddy Rupskin or whatever his name was and those cassette tape readers.

They weren’t exactly the best that technology had to offer but it was where I got my interest in computers and continue to be obssessed with cool technologies ever since.

This blog is meant to introduce new computer uses to the essential that you might need for your computer, laptop or phone.

I chose the name because it was aged (they say that’s good) and because I am an advocate for antivirus stuff.

It only takes one time of losing all of your hard work before you become an antivirus advocate and there are so many options out there, that it might be a good thing to start with right off the bat.

If you ever want to know more about how I started this antivirus website, feel free to contact me here: Ty@antivirusfirewallsoftwaresite.org

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