Viruses in the 1980’s

The first antivirus software is thought to have been for the Vienna virus in 1987.

Bernd Fix is thought to be perhaps one of the first antivirus gladiators along with two guys named Andreas Luning and Kai Figge.

Luning and Figge created G Data Software which was released for Atari.

(People have to have their games right?)

By the late 80’s, several companies started to jump on the antivirus bandwagon and this is the time when the famous McAfee Security was created. ¬†John McAfee of the McAfee security released his first version of the virus scanning software that many of us are familiar with.

I personally use McAfee right now and it is only because it came with the purchase of my computer. I prefer Kapersky for the better protection and less annoying pop ups.

Also in the late 80’s there was the FluShot Plus and Anti4us released.

Many antivirus softwares were made to reorganize the infected sections, override them and resume the regular performance.  Antivirus software looks for the end of malicious codes, suspicious section names, headers and other infection devices within a computer.

Some of the early know antivirus companies are:

  • Avira -AntiVir
  • Frisk Software
  • ThunderByte Antivirus – TBAV
  • Norman Safeground
  • ALWIL Software
  • V1 – AhnLab
  • Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Virus Toolkit
  • McAfee
  • VirexPC
  • Kapersky
  • Panda Security
  • F-Secure


Here is a nifty little video on why antivirus software is important today:





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