What is AntiVirus Software?

Antivirus software is sometimes also called AV or antimalware.

It is a computer software (something you upload and put on your computer) that is made to make your computer safe.

In order to monitor and keep tabs on malicious malware or software on your computer, you need this type of program to keep you safe.

The only reason you should not have this software would be if you never ever EVER access the internet or any emails with your computer (very highly unlikely in these days and times.

Antivirus software is like a security system for your home but it’s for your computer instead.

The more costly a program does, does not mean it will protect you more either!

The antivirus software was first made to fix and remove computer viruses and that’s why it is called antivirus.  However, new viruses and malware has made this type of software even more important.

Good antivirus software can detect new malware and viruses almost as soon as they hit your computer and sometimes even before they have a chance to download.

You need to protect your computer from malicious threats and this is the software that can do it.

Here are some things that antivirus software can help protect you from:

  • Browser Help Objects that you don’t want
  • LSPs
  • keyloggers
  • hijackers
  • ransomware
  • backdoors
  • rootkits
  • Trojan Horses (yikes!)
  • infected urls
  • infected spam
  • scams and phishing attacks
  • dialers
  • frautools
  • adware
  • spyware (people can see what you do on your computer and use it to sell to you)
  • privacy and identity attacks
  • banking attacks
  • botnets DDos Attacks
  • A whole lot more!!
 Here’s some neat info on AntiVirus Software:
You can trace evidence of the computer virus back to the late 1940’s (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_virus)
The very first computer virus that was known was called the “creeper virus” and was known to infect a mainframe at the time.  It eventually got deleted by a program that Ray Tomlinson created called “The Reaper”.
The Reaper is sometimes called the very first antivirus software…however, the reaper was a virus that was made to get rid of the Creeper virus.
More modern antivirus softwares are not viruses themselves.
In 1981 another virus came along called the “Elk Cloner” and it infected the Apple 2 computers.
It is interesting to note that the computer virus is defined as a code the replicated and copies itself and it very similar to a biological virus for that one factor.
Biological viruses that affect animals, plants and other living things invade their hosts and replicate themselves causing disruption in the normal processes of the organism much in the same way that a computer virus takes over computers and their programming.
The first virus ever found in a PC was called the “Brain” and was found in 1986.
Viruses, since the mid 80’s, has continued to to grow as more programmers and computer programs are created.
Early on, viruses were transmitted from one computer to the next by infected floppy discs and such, however, once the internet became more widely used, viruses become more prevalent across the globe.




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