Computers and ways to get viruses on them.

Since the beginning, viruses are capable of coming into a computer.

Let’s first talk about what viruses are before we talk about way to get them.

If you are talking biological viruses, you’ll end up taking a look at bits and pieces of hereditary information in the form of either RNA or DNA.

Viruses will often hijack bacterial cells and take over their command center. They make bacterial cells reproduce more of the viral dna and then they essentially explode in the infected organisms and start over all again.

Virus are so fast acting at affecting their prey because they are so good at taking over other cells.

Some viruses, however, are more latent and take some time to develop. There are also some viruses that will actually not “wake up” until very specific and prime conditions for the virus are met.

It’s interesting to take a look at biological viruses compared to computer viruses.

Computer viruses are very similar to biological viruses in that they appear out of nowhere (seemingly) and they can not been seen or heard from until major damage is done.

Viruses slowly take over the controls of the computer and often times tracking down where the virus came from can prove to be challenging.

The same goes for biological viruses.

Take Ebola for example. No one really is sure 100% who or what the virus came from. They can get to the village of the first occurrence but really pinpointing the one occasion that created the viral mess that followed is difficult and time consuming.

So how do you avoid viral infections?

Either biological or computer related, viruses can be avoided in a similar ways.

The number one way to avoid a viral infection is to stay clean.

If you are a human or animal trying to avoid viruses, you can keep your hands and environment clean.

Computers, in a similar way, also need to be cleaned. IN additions to keeping the computer files and programs “clean”, you would scan them periodically to make sure nothing slipped through any loop holes.

One of the main things to keep in mind when dealing with computer viruses is due diligence.

If you suspect that you have a virus, scan the computer with a good virus scanning software. If you need help, computer repair shops and some software sellers can help you.

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